Many industrial organisations conduct programs aimed at preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss. The only method of assessing the effectiveness of these programs is through regular audiometric testing of employees. Audiometric programs consist of the following:

Reference or monitoring hearing tests for employees, conducted in accordance with recognised standard method (AS/NZS 1269.4:2014).

Explanation of the results of the hearing test to each employee. Each employee also receives a written copy of their hearing test.

For those employees where a hearing loss is detected or a significant deterioration is found, assessment of the Audiogram to determine possible causes.

Reports include the following:

Details of test method and compliance with AS/NZS 1269.4:2014.

Statistical summary of results dividing those results into those with normal hearing, those with a suspected noise induced hearing loss, and those with hearing loss from other causes.

A Confidential Attachment will be provided detailing names of all those tested, categorised into levels of hearing loss.

Recommendations regarding the use of hearing protection devices, the need to address noise reduction problems (if necessary) and the need for worker education.